Announcing the Exclusive New Resource for Parents of Aspergers Children…….. 

“The 7 Biggest Problems You’ll Experience With Your Aspergers Child – And How To Overcome Them.…..” 

From: Dave Angel

Dear Parent,           

In the next few minutes I’m going to Show you the Secrets of Successfully Parenting Your Aspergers Child…….

…….And reveal the exact 7 problem areas that every parent needs to master…………

…..But just quickly for those who don’t know me let me introduce myself……….

………My name is Dave Angel and in my day job I am a social worker with over 12 years experience working with families and a Masters Degree in Applied Social Studies…….

……over the years I have worked with literally hundreds of families who have had children with special needs (both young and old)……..

………and in my spare time I have also been successfully running the Parenting Aspergers website for over 15 months now……..

……..and during that period I have had over 173,466 people visit the site to learn from the tips, strategies and techniques that I reveal to help parents with their Aspergers children….

….to be honest I just LOVE helping people through my website and I know that many parents find the information invaluable as I get loads of positive feedback from parents on an almost daily basis such as….  

"You have no idea what a lifeline you are becoming for me. Your practical hints and suggestions are a great confirmation for some of what we do and a wellspring of encouragement in areas where we struggle. Thanks so much."

Barb Evans - Parent of an Aspergers Child

Baltimore, Maryland, USA


"David, Good evening from Detroit Michigan. I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the marvellous work you do by providing information on ASD and Aspergers. Each day I look forward to learning something new from your  Emails and On-Line Books that I purchased."

Greg Campbell - Para Professional with ASD Students

Southgate, Michigan, USA


 “OK Dave That's All Great.........But Why Don’t You Go Ahead and Tell Me What The 7 Major Problem Areas are…..?”

 Well in my experience the 7 Major Problem Areas break down like this:

 1. Problems in the home for siblings – As the parent of a child with Aspergers I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that feelings of worry and guilt about the other siblings can just eat away at you inside……….. 

2. Problems in the teenage years – The raging hormones, selfish attitudes and temper tantrums of teenage years combined with the challenges of Aspergers can make teenage years seem a bit like a living hell at times….. 

3. Problems understanding the different therapies available – There are so many types of therapy available..……but most of these approaches cost a great deal of time, money and effort………..and so the big question I get asked is are they really worth it or just a big con….?” 

4. Problems with Social Skills – This is huge when it comes to Aspergers……… problems with social skills leads to a lack of friends, social isolation at school and can turn normal every day events like trips out and family gatherings into a nightmare for all of you…… 

5. Problems with Behaviors – Challenging behaviors can cause the break down of family relationships, make your child vulnerable to other people “hitting back” and can lead to arrest by the police in later years (when your child is much bigger and stronger)….. 

6. Problems with School – I’m sure you already know that coping with school work, home work and the threat of school bullies can be the source of great stress and strain for both you and your child for all those years in school…. 

7. Problems with Diagnosis – Maybe this should have been right at the top of the list because so many parents experience major headaches getting a diagnosis at all and even then it may not be the right one……………. 

But look don’t panic it’s not all doom and gloom with no way of solving these 7 problem areas……I have been researching and putting together a brand new resource with up-to-date and cutting edge strategies that you can use to avoid much of this unnecessary distress, struggle and pain…………… 

“How to Help Your Aspergers Child in The 7 Problem Areas…..” 

Like I said earlier I have just completed a brand new resource that will help you to quickly, easily and effectively address the 7 problem areas with your child……….. 

………I’m afraid that inspirational book titles aren’t my strong point so this new resource is simply titled “The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide Volume 2”……….! 

…….Because that’s exactly what it is………….. 

…….It expands on the first volume by introducing new and more detailed approaches specifically designed to address the 7 problem areas that I described above…… 

…And just like volume one it is written in an easy-to-understand style and is full of step-by-step practical explanations that you can follow to help both you and your child…… 

…..So without further ado ……………. 

“Here are The Brand New, Cutting Edge Approaches that You Can Begin Using Today with Your Aspergers Child……”


How to effectively stop your child’s challenging behavior without worsening the situation (page 13)

The tiny secrets of language that will dramatically cut problem behaviors in your home (page 14)

Easy-to-use techniques that will radically reduce the feelings of frustration and annoyance in your other children towards the Aspergers child (page 16)

How to stop siblings taking on too much responsibility for your Aspergers child and stop their own essential development being damaged (page 19)

The 6 steps you need to take to help your other children avoid the constant negative feeling that “life at home is just plain unfair” (page 21)


Treatment Approaches

Revealed - the complete low down on the Gluten/Casein Free, Feingold and Probiotic Diets……..and whether they really could help your child…. (page 28)

The little known secrets of using herbs, vitamins and minerals to help your Aspergers child (page 31)

14 ways of improving your child’s sensory integration whilst going about their normal routine day (page 36)

Discover the real truth about the Dore Program before spending a penny of your hard-earned cash (page 37)

Discover how EFT could benefit both you and your Aspergers child (page 39)

The New Breakthrough experimental form of Chinese Medicine that helped develop language, communication, behavior and sleep patterns in autistic children during recent test trials (page 41)

The absolute best time to use the REACCH Program if your are worried about Aspergers (page 45)

Discover the strange sounding exercise regime that can help autistic children improve their organisational skills, ability to learn and overall behaviour (page 47)

The full low down on homeopathic treatments for Aspergers so that you know the pros and cons of this approach……before spending any of your precious time and money (page 49)

2 prominent treatment approaches whose claims just aren’t backed up by scientific evidence……..that you should avoid at all costs (page 52)

13 characteristics of Sensory Integration Dysfunction and how you can begin to improve your own child’s sensory integration (page 56)


Teenage Section

9 great approaches to take that will reduce the pain of teenage years for you, your teenage child and the rest of the family (page 63)

Discover the 10 major problems for teenagers with Aspergers; so you can stay one step ahead and help your child through this deeply troublesome time (page 69)

2 theories of Oppositional Defiance Disorder and how you can tackle this problem (page 77)

A simple way to introduce new activities to your child to broaden their skills and interests (page 84)

The dangerous truth about using medications like Prozac that you must know (page 86)

The essential secret to motivating your Aspergers child - it’s really quite simple! (page 91)

How to use non-physical interventions to stop aggressive behaviour (page 93)


Education Section

The 5 criteria that educational software programs must meet to be suitable for your child (page 98)

7 great strategies for helping your Aspergers child to complete homework more effectively and with much less of a fight (page 100)

Discover the benefits of Special Ed. Class V Mainstream (page 103)

The essential steps to take if the school is failing your child (page 106)

The 12 most common problems for children with Aspergers in mainstream school that you need to know about (page 107)

3 simple ways to help your child’s writing skills and improve their chances at school (page 110)


Diagnosis Section

Discover how psychologists reach a diagnosis for Aspergers (page 118)

How to help a child who behaves inappropriately in the school bathroom and puts themselves at risk of bullying (page 121)

Other Section

Discover the future for children with Aspergers and how technology will be a major help for them (page 126)

Quick and effective strategies for grandparents to use with their Aspergers grandchildren (page 129)

How to help your child with sleep problems (page 132)

The 6 types of bullying you should know about to keep your child safe from harm (page 138)

How to help your Aspergers child understand when someone dies and to cope with bereavement (page 139)

3 amazing reasons why having a pet could greatly help your Aspergers child (page 143)

How to prepare your child for a job or college after high school, to stop them being unemployed and depressed with no future prospects (page 148)

15 sure fire strategies to handle sensory integration problems and help your child feel more comfortable and at ease (page 151)

A great resource for children who are scared of school that won’t cost you a penny (page 155)


Social Skills Section

Discover the breakthrough approach that can help your Aspergers child to enjoy and benefit from Physical Education at school (page 167)

5 easy steps to teach your child how to respond to basic communication - like someone saying “hello” or asking “how are you?” (page 170)

13 strategies to help your child cope with family gatherings and social events; without having a meltdown (page 171)

"OK Dave………how do I handle these situations?"

Which means, you'll get the answers to these "in depth" questions:

My 2 year old imitates many of my 5 year old Aspergers son’s behaviors, such as lining up toys and flapping. What should I do?  

I have been hearing a lot lately about glyconutrients and how they are a wonderful, new scientific discovery. Are they helpful for children with Aspergers and what might they do for my son? (page 43) 

A friend of mine told me about a thing called Goji juice and how this can help a child with ASD – do you know anything about it? (page 59) 

My ten year old granddaughter might have Aspergers Syndrome. The biggest problem her mom has is that she puts my granddaughter to bed at 9:00 p.m., tucks her in, and leaves her, to go downstairs. My granddaughter insists there is a lump in the bedclothes and calls my daughter up to straighten it out. This can go on all night. My daughter makes the bed over and over again, but my granddaughter still says there is a lump in the bed. Is there any way you could advise me on this problem? (page 67) 

When you deal with teenagers with Asperger’, how do you give them the skills to cope with peers who think they are "nerds"? (page 71) 

How do you deal with a child who kicks water at strangers in a public swimming pool? (page 89) 

My son is 18 and was recently diagnosed with Aspergers. How does a child go this long with normal grades and have Aspergers and no one suspects anything? I know there are things he has to deal with, such as socializing with his peers. Are kids like this able to live productive lives? (page 115) 

How should parents cope with a child with Aspergers? The behavior is coming between my husband and me. We argue nightly about how to discipline our son and handle his strange behavior. My husband says to just leave him alone and ignore the behavior, but I can't (page 145) 

“Here’s Just a Few Examples of The Positive Feedback I've Received from Many Grateful Parents around The World…..”


"Hi,  I just wanted you to know you are doing a fantastic job and you have given me more info on A/S then the professional people. I am truly grateful. Love and best wishes to you and your family. Deana xx"

Deana Hall - Parent of a Child with Aspergers

Prestwich, Manchester, England


"Hi, Dave Angel, I don’t know if this email will ever reach you, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your Asperger's mini-course. It has been  tremendously helpful.  I cannot begin to thank you enough.......Thank you for the article on changes in adolescence, too.... Thank you very much for your help via your excellent articles and the  mini-course. I'll always be grateful to you.
Best always,

Betsy Johnson - Parent of a Child with Aspergers

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

"You have no clue how much I appreciate all the information. We really had a bad year in school, not because of grades (he's in gifted classes) but your general Asperger socially pervasive disorder. I really appreciate you taking the time to keep me posted. Thanks again.

Dee McCullar - Parent of a Child with Aspergers

Mount Olive, Alabama, USA


I just want to say thank you for the job you did addressing the Son Rise program.......I wish more people could see AS makes my child different not sick like you said in your article. I wish it were so simple as to be an illness not a  life altering disorder. I really appreciate all you do with your news letter!
Amy McLaughlin

Amy McLaughlin - Parent of a Child with Aspergers

Mississippi, USA


"I am indeed impressed with the materials that I received this morning, and devoured them as soon as they arrived.....It is not very often that I find another parent on my wavelength, so when I find a like-minded individual, especially one who is spreading so much good news, I am very much impressed.....
Thank you again for the work that you're doing.

Lynley Summers - Author of "Autism is Not a Life Sentence" and Parent of a Child with ASD

Sherwood, Arkansas, USA


"Hi Dave Angel,
l appreciate the emails you have sent me and the amount of information l have learned thru your site.... I think you deserve a medal for the information you pass round.....
Yours Sincerely,
Lorraine Healey"
Lorraine Healy - Parent of an Aspergers Child

County Cavan, Ireland



…Now just imagine for one second what it would be like for you to benefit from this insider knowledge on the 7 Major Problem Areas for Children with Aspergers…………. 

……How much more confident would you feel knowing that you had a major advantage in helping your Aspergers child by using these new breakthrough, cutting edge strategies and techniques…..? 

“OK So Let’s Start to Wrap This Up…….."

 "What’s it Worth for You to Get Such a Valuable Resource That Can Help You Become an Even Better Parent to Your Aspergers Child Right Now Today…..?” 

Well here’s the thing… get such exclusive insider information and help you would need to invest in a variety of costly resources for example …….. 

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A Specialist Treatment Program               $5000 or more 

Total                                                               $5450 or more 

So just simply accessing these 3 resources alone could easily set you back $5450 or more………………………..OUCH! 

But I am not going to ask you to invest anywhere near that crazy amount of money to get your own exclusive copy of “The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide Volume 2” today……….. 

…..I want to get this highly valuable resource out there to as many parents as possible at a really low cost……….. 

……So your total investment in this excellent resource is just $47……. 

………or to put it another way less than 1/5 of the cost of a single hour with a psychiatrist (and believe me the blood, sweat and tears that I have invested in this resource have taken up a heck of a lot more of my time than 1 single hour…….!) 

"So What's The Catch? Why Am I Practically Giving This Program Away?"

Well, it's really quite simple. Since you'll be downloading the manual directly from the Internet I have no inventory and no fulfilment costs. I don't need to pay anyone to take the orders over the phone. This way I can pass along my cost savings to you. So you win and I win.

But don't worry, downloading the manual is a snap, I'm no "techno whiz" and I had no problem. (The e-book works with both MAC or PC computers.). The best bit for you is that this product is 100% downloadable and can be sitting on your very own computer for you to read in less than 5 minutes! But if I were you I would act quickly on this introductory offer of $47. Because I plan to raise the price for the program to $47 in the near future.

"Act NOW and Receive These Amazing FREE Bonuses...."

Free Bonus #1:
Home Schooling Secrets ($37 value)

This information-packed resource contains all the information that you need to know if you are considering home schooling as an option for your child.

Even if you’re not considering this approach…….there are still many great tips that you can benefit from that apply to your child’s everyday school and home activities such as homework.

Some of the great topics covered in this resource include:

Tips for Writing Your Education Plan (page 9) 

A Sample Education Plan (page 18) 

Choosing Teaching Materials (page 19) 

10 Steps to Developing A Quality Lesson Plan (page 24) 

Sample Lesson Plans (page 28) 

Scheduling & Planning Lessons (page 35)

Home schooling Gifted and Special Needs Children (page 44)

Free Bonus #2:
Aspergers Answers Revealed ($27 value)

This Aspergers Special Report has been put together by a UK Chartered Psychologist and in this great resource she reveals the in-depth answers to a number of questions asked by parents such as:

My 6 year old boy becomes very angry a lot of the time, what can I do to help him deal with his frustrations better?

I'm worried about how my child will cope as he reaches his adolescence. What advice can you give?

I don't want my child to be on medication for the rest of his life. Are there any non-drug treatments available?

My 7 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Aspergers and it's a constant struggle to get her to pay attention or even look at me! She seems in a world of her own sometimes. Any suggestions?

It can be exhausting coping with my 9 year old. I often feel like a failure because I struggle to cope sometimes. Is that normal?

Our youngest daughter has been diagnosed with Aspergers and demands a lot of our attention. What can I do to reassure her two elder sister's that we're not neglecting them?

You Can't Lose With Our 100%, Ironclad,
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Try it out for two full months - risk free.  

If it doesn't leave you even better equipped to be a brilliant parent to your child and give you the techniques and strategies to help you, your child and the rest of the family in the 7 most common problems areas for Aspergers children then quite frankly I don't want your money... I'll give it all back. 

In fact I’d be embarrassed to keep it – so just simply contact my help desk and I'll happily refund your money in full.

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To your success,

Dave Angel

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You'll still need this help, but you won’t have the in-depth knowledge on supporting siblings….understanding teenage years…..choosing the right treatment approaches…..improving your child’s behaviour…..developing your child’s social skills…..or improving their chances of success in school. Face it. Most of what you need is knowledge and encouragement.

Get this resource NOW and be even better equipped as a parent to your Aspergers child within hours!

Wouldn't you like to have the extra skills and information to be improving the lives of your Aspergers child, your self and family within hours?

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